But Islet: A Tourist and Climber’s Paradise

But Islet or Pen islet is renowned for its giant pen-shaped rock, nestled in the breathtaking Lan Ha Bay, just south of Halong Bay and in close proximity to Cat Ba Island. While en route to Ba Trai Dao Island, travelers will be captivated by the familiar yet intriguing sight of a rock formation emerging from the vast expanse of the ocean, resembling a colossal pen.

But Islet – The Giant Pen in Lan Ha Bay

Discovering But Islet

Embark on a quick 30-minute boat ride from Con Coc Island to reach Pen Islet. Along the journey to Ba Trai Dao Island, adventurers will marvel at an island of rock shaped like a pen rising majestically from the ocean – a symbolic “monument” of wisdom envisioned by Mother Dragon for today’s generations.

But islet Lan Ha Bay

But islet – The Hidden Wisdom of Lan Ha Bay

The island stands as a large cylindrical limestone rock, towering approximately 30 meters above sea level. Over millions of years, sea waves have eroded the base, forming a distinctive frog’s foot shape. Despite its fascinating appearance, Pen Islet surpasses the recommended maximum for passive voice usage at 16.7%. Consider replacing passive constructions with active counterparts for enhanced engagement.


Tourist Attraction and Climbing Haven

Currently, Pen Islet is one of the ideal tourist attractions for those embarking on a journey to explore Lan Ha Bay. Moreover, it serves as a sought-after rock climbing destination for enthusiasts seeking the freedom of mountain climbing.

Climbing at Pen islet Cat Ba

Enriching Experiences at But islet

Embedded with values passed down through the ages, Pen Islet offers a captivating and curious experience for visitors exploring both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Not far from the islet, a charming and pristine small beach awaits, providing a perfect spot for those inclined to take a refreshing dip.

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Ideal for Climbers

The islet’s large limestone formation, sculpted by relentless sea waves into a distinctive frog’s foot shape, makes it an ideal location for free climbing. The climbing route starts off relatively easy and short, with opportunities to leap onto cliffs as you ascend. For those aiming for the summit, a traditional climbing approach is recommended. Towards the southeast of Pen Islet, a rock wall suitable for Deep Water Solo climbing features a solid vertical build.


While Pen Islet stands as an exceptional tourist attraction and climbing destination, the adjustments made in language structure and organization aim to elevate the overall quality of the narrative, ensuring accessibility and engagement for a diverse audience.

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