Travel Experience at Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba 2024

Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba, is a familiar name on the map of Vietnam’s archipelago, voted by international tourists as a must-visit destination when coming to Vietnam. The travel experience at Lan Ha Bay below will provide you with additional useful information for an interesting and cost-effective trip

Lan Ha Bay


Lan Ha Bay is located in Hai Phong City, to the east of Cat Ba Island, serving as a connection to Lan Ha Bay. It covers an area of over 7,000 hectares, with approximately 400 densely packed islands, predominantly composed of limestone. The bay takes on an arched shape, surrounded by smooth white sandy beaches, creating a majestic and poetic landscape.

Landscape Lan Ha Bay

In 09/2023, the Cat Ba Archipelago in Hai Phong City was officially recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site. With this recognition, Lan Ha Bay has become more captivating than ever, attracting tourists who seek to experience the pristine and tranquil beauty of the thousands of islands in the area.


The weather here is quite pleasant, as it is surrounded by the sea, with an average temperature of 25-28°C. Each season has its beauty, so plan your trip based on your schedule and preferences to have the most suitable journey.

April to September: This is the peak season when domestic and international tourists visit the most. The weather is beautiful, with temperatures reaching over 30°C, perfect for swimming and enjoying entertainment activities on Lan Ha Bay.

Peak season on Cat Ba Island

October to March: Not the peak tourist season, Lan Ha Bay is relatively peaceful during this time. However, Cat Ba remains beautiful, not inferior to the summer. This period is suitable for travelers who prefer a resort experience in a quiet space. During this time, international tourists often visit, engaging in activities such as kayaking and overnight cruises on the bay.

In the winter, tourist numbers decrease, Lan Ha Bay appears peaceful


To travel to Lan Ha Bay, you first need to get to Cat Ba Town. From Hanoi, it takes about 3.5 hours to reach Cat Ba. If you don’t have transportation from Hanoi to Cat Ba, you can consider taking a bus from Hanoi to Cat Ba.

Once you’re in central Cat Ba Town, you can take a vehicle to Ben Beo, using options like:

  • Taxi: around 200,000 VND per trip for 4 people.
  • Motorbike: around 20,000 VND per person.

Afterward, you can purchase a ticket to visit the bay for 80,000 VND per ticket. Depending on your budget and the number of people, you can choose different ways to explore Lan Ha Bay. Here are popular options:

  • Boat: Costs around 500,000 VND per boat, rented from local fishermen around the bay. This option gives you full control over your activities, but it’s less chosen due to its complexity and lack of guidance.
Boat on Lan Ha Bay
  • Cruise Tours: There are various cruise options with attractive prices, starting from 380,000 VND (including bay admission). With different itineraries, these tours take you to famous spots and offer interesting activities. Many people prefer this option as it provides a pre-prepared schedule, reasonable prices, and comes with a guide.
The yacht’s canoe will pick you up

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Tourist attractions:

1. Cai Beo Fishing Village:

This is a floating village with over 300 floating houses. The residents here primarily make a living through fishing and aquaculture. Visitors passing through can admire the houses swaying on the water and experience the interesting daily life of the coastal people.

Cai Beo Fishing Village

2. Monkey Island:

Lan Ha bay, Monkey island

Here, a small gem in Lan Ha Bay, is home to over 20 monkeys, located about 1 km by air from the center of Cat Ba. Exploring the island, tourists will be fascinated by the intelligent and playful monkeys. There are also two pristine beaches, Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2, offering an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the untouched nature, clear blue sea, and the experience of meeting monkeys.

Monkey island Lan Ha Bay

3. Ba Trai Dao Beach:

Ba Trai Dao beach, a seaside paradise in Lan Ha Bay, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the bay with smooth white sandy shores and clear blue waters.

Swimming in Ba Trai Dao beach

4. Van Boi Beach:

Many tourists come here to explore activities such as kayaking and swimming. Van Boi Beach has a stunning natural landscape with smooth white sandy shores, a clear blue sea, and a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Van Boi Beach

5. Dark and Light Cave:

A famous tourist destination with stunning check-in photos. Tourists often paddle through the limestone formations with various shapes. The breathtaking scenery unfolds before your eyes, making it a masterpiece on the bay.

Kayaking in Bright & Dark cave

Recreational Activities:

1. Kayaking
Paddling through Lan Ha Bay is a fantastic way to admire the majestic beauty of the beautiful islands. Kayaking will take you to calm waters for this enjoyable activity.

Kayaking on Lan Ha bay

2. Snorkeling
With numerous beautiful beaches around Lan Ha Bay, tourists can indulge in activities such as swimming and snorkeling in the cool and refreshing seawater. Additionally, the diving spots here have depths ranging from 4-5 meters, perfect for observing coral reefs and other marine creatures

Lặn biển trên vịnh Lan Hạ

3. Visit Seafood Rafts
Explore the seafood rafts right on the bay to purchase fresh and delicious seafood directly from the source.

Seafood Rafts

4. Night Squid Fishing
If you book an overnight cruise tour, you’ll have the chance to experience this exciting activity. Under dim lights, you’ll participate in the fascinating night squid fishing adventure, competing to see who can catch the most squid.

Squid fishing on Lan Ha Bay


1. Mantis shrimp
Mantis shrimp are a highly favored dish in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba. Every restaurant offers this dish, prepared in various ways such as steaming, grilling, salt-roasting, or in porridge. Additionally, Mantis shrimp in this area are large, tender, and glossy; when steamed, they maintain their fragrant, fresh taste without breaking.

Mantis shrimp

2. Sentinel crab
Sentinel crab are often prepared as steamed or with tamarind sauce. They inhabit the saltwater areas with depths ranging from 4-10 meters. The sentinel crab meat is delicious, cool, and nutritious, steamed with a bit of beer and finely crushed lemongrass to enhance the aroma. Furthermore, when fully cooked, the mussels can be dipped in chili sauce or seafood dipping sauce for an excellent dining experience.

Sentinel crab

3. Octopus
The octopus in Lan Ha Bay is known for its delicious taste and is used to create various dishes. You can try a variety of dishes made from octopus here. Particularly, the best way to enjoy it is either steamed or grilled.

4. Oysters
Oysters may be found in many places, but the best ones are in Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba. Oysters are prepared by grilling with scallion oil, making it an irresistible dish.

5. Blood Cockles
The best way to enjoy blood cockles is to grill them over a charcoal fire and savor them right on the spot. This dish is not only nutritious but also exceptionally flavorful. The key is to choose fresh blood cockles; after grilling, they can be served with cold beer. Blood cockles are also prepared in other dishes such as blood cockle stir-fry with tamarind or blood cockle porridge.


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