Ba Ham lake – A serene place offshore

Located on the Dau Be island cluster, Ba Ham Lake is one of the farthest lakes in the bay, close to the vast ocean. Here, visitors can explore a magnificent system of water lakes and underground caves created by nature. Moreover, the diverse and abundant vegetation in this area is always ready to captivate anyone who visits.

The tranquil scenery outside Ba Ham Lake

Introduction to Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake is a spot on the 3rd route of Halong Bay sightseeing, along with other landmarks like Tien Ong Cave, Cua Van Fishing Village, and Ang Du Islet. The lake is approximately 20 km from Tuan Chau Port, equivalent to a 2-hour and 15-minute boat ride.

Consisting of 3 saltwater lakes and 3 connecting caves, Ba Ham Lake’s system includes:

  • Lake 1: A lake with an area of 4.2 hectares, the second widest among the three lakes, with an average depth of 2-5 meters. Surrounded by limestone mountains with a diverse vegetation system, the lake is home to various marine flora.
  • Lake 2: The widest lake with an area of 23.2 hectares, and an average depth of 10-15 meters. Surrounded by limestone mountains, it features a rich ecosystem with diverse underwater creatures.
  • Lake 3: The smallest lake with an area of only 1.05 hectares and an average depth of 2-4 meters, also surrounded by limestone mountains and a diverse ecosystem.
Aerial View of Ba Ham Lake

Regarding the caves:

  • Cave 1: The entrance to Lake 1, about 120 meters long and 27 meters wide. It gets flooded during high tide, so visitors need to wait for the tide to recede to enter.
  • Cave 2: Connecting Lake 1 and Lake 2, approximately 40 meters long and 15 meters wide. Also flooded during high tide, visitors need to wait for low tide to pass through.
  • Cave 3: Connecting Lake 1 and Lake 3, about 50 meters long and 5 meters wide.
The first tunnel, Tunnel 1, can be referred to as the entrance gate to Ba Ham Lake.

Kayaking to Explore the Three Small Lakes of Ba Ham Lake

The highlight of Ba Ham Lake lies in its winding caves, resembling long, meandering tunnels. On the cave ceilings, clusters of stalactites with peculiar shapes add to the uniqueness. During high tide, the flooded caves create natural walls separating the inner lake from the outside world, enhancing the mysterious atmosphere of the area.

Travelers pass through the tunnel to enter the inner water lake.

To admire the beauty of Ba Ham Lake, visitors must wait for low tide and then use bamboo rafts or kayaks to navigate through the caves to explore each lake. After passing through a narrow cave, you will be amazed by the serene and enchanting space inside the lake, surrounded by calm water, gentle waves, and the rhythmic sound of paddles, with the backdrop of lush greenery.

Due to its magnificent natural landscape combined with the intricate system of lakes and caves, Ba Ham Lake is an ideal overnight stay for Halong Bay tours.

Note: There is no kayak rental service at the lake. Visitors interested in kayaking must inquire whether the tour package includes this activity.

Kayaking is a popular and enjoyable activity among visitors here.

How to Get There? 

Ba Ham Lake is approximately 20 km from Tuan Chau Port, equivalent to about a 2-hour and 15-minute boat ride.
As part of Route 3, you can reach the lake by purchasing tickets for Route 3 and renting a sightseeing boat. Besides Ba Ham Lake, you will also visit other destinations along Route 3, such as Cua Van Fishing Village, Tien Ong Cave, and Ang Du Islet.

However, there are typically very few day cruises on this route. Most of the time, these routes are covered by overnight cruises for 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights.

Another option is to arrange tickets for Route 3 and rent a private boat for a day trip. This option is suitable for groups of 20 people or more to reduce costs. The minimum boat rental price is around 4 million VND and may vary depending on the peak season and the quality of the boat. if you depart from Cat Ba, you can book a night cruise tour 3 days 2 nights with price from: 4,600,000 vnd/ pax for level 4-star cruise.

Lan Ha Bay nightcruise 3 days 2 night tour discover Ba Ham Lake

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