Dark & Bright Cave – Enchanting Caves in Lan Ha Bay

Dark & Bright Cave is a beautiful and unique cave located in Lan Ha Bay. When visiting the Dark & Bright Cave, tourists will be amazed by the majestic scenery of the karst cave. Join Lan Ha Cruise to explore what interesting features this cave has that many travelers love


Location: is situated between Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, within the protected area of the Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. This cave, nearly 100 meters long, penetrates through the mountain, featuring a cave ceiling that rises above the water surface and a floor submerged in the sea.

Origin of the Name: It is believed that Dark & Bright Cave is named after the light inside the cave. Upon entering the cave, visitors will perceive a transition from brightness to darkness, creating a mysterious and untouched landscape. This is also one of the distinctive features that sets Dark & Bright Cave apart from other caves.


Dark & Bright Cave is a prime example of a tunnel cave. The cave floor is below sea level, while the cave ceiling is above sea level. The unique structure of Dark & Bright Cave allows visitors to explore its interior by bamboo boat or kayak.

Bright Cave: the larger of the two, is 3 meters high, 4 meters wide, and 100 meters long. The height of Bright Cave depends on the fluctuation of the tides. It is shorter than Dark Cave and has plenty of natural light streaming through cracks and holes in the rock, making it lively and vibrant.

Bright cave

Dark Cave, nearly 100 meters long, is narrow and low. Access depends on the water level; you can enter when the sea level is low, but for safety reasons, it’s recommended to observe from outside when the water level is high. From the outside, you can feel an irresistible pull, as if it wants to draw you inside.

Dark cave


Dark & Bright Cave is located in the Lan Ha Bay area, part of Cat Ba Island. To get here, you first need to travel to the central town of Cat Ba.

There are multiple bus services from Hanoi to Cat Ba with various departure times: Hanoi – Cat Ba Bus.

Next, from the central town of Cat Ba, there are several transportation options to get to Dark & Bright Cave as follows:


Night cruise through Dark & Bright cave

Experiencing a boat tour to Dark & Bright Cave in Lan Ha Bay is truly a magnificent adventure. With a detailed itinerary, inclusive of all meals and cave-related services, the cruise ensures a complete and immersive experience. The boat will take you on a tour of key points in Lan Ha Bay, such as Pen Island, Turtle Island, Three Peaches Beach, and more. It will make a stop at Dark & Bright Cave, allowing you to observe closely and appreciate the pristine yet mysterious beauty of the cave.


The cruise will provide kayaks for you to begin your journey of exploring the most beautiful cave in Lan Ha Bay. Engage in kayaking activities, guided by instructors who will share fascinating stories about the area.

Cruise tour prices vary, offering options starting from 650,000 VND per person, ensuring you have an immediate opportunity to embark on an experiential tour.

One-Day Tour of Lan Ha Bay

Overnight Cruise Experience on Lan Ha Bay – 2 Days, 1 Night

Renting local people boats

Another safe and equally exciting option, besides kayaking, is renting a traditional boat to explore the Dark & Bright Cave. These small boats typically accommodate around 5-7 people. If you’re in a larger group, you can either rent multiple boats or share one with others.


Renting a traditional boat allows you to simply sit back and explore the sights at your own pace. The experienced boatmen, who have years of expertise and a deep understanding of the geography of Ha Long Bay, ensure a worry-free experience. Feel free to enjoy the scenery and capture memorable moments as you explore this stunning destination.


Undoubtedly, kayaking is an activity that every visitor would want to experience here.



Visiting Lan Ha Bay without taking a dip in the sea would be a missed opportunity. However, when swimming here, it’s essential to stay away from caves and be cautious of rocks, as they can pose a risk of injury.

Visiting the Floating Fishing Village Cua Van:

Not far from Dark & Bright Cave is the Cua Van Floating Village – one of the 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world. Despite being a small fishing village with around 200 households, life here always fascinates visitors. Small colorful boats are scattered on the water, surrounded by closely-knit small islands, creating a peaceful and picturesque atmosphere. 

Here, you can explore the daily life of the fishing village residents, visit fishing boats, and purchase fresh seafood to bring back. If you pass by in the evening, you might witness locals cooking dinner and engaging in lively conversations.

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