Full day hiking Cat Ba National Park


  • Explore the ecosystem of Cat Ba National Park
  • Go kayaking to explore Lan Ha Bay
  • Join the sunset party on the Daiichi Boutique Cruise.
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Cat Ba National Park is one of Vietnam’s largest special-use forests, boasting diverse marine ecosystems, terrestrial forests, mangroves, and rare flora and fauna species. In 2004, Cat Ba National Park was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Embarking on a full day of hiking Cat Ba National Park offers an incredibly exciting experience, allowing you to explore the wilderness. Daiichi offers a variety of activities such as hiking, kayaking, and beach swimming, providing you with an enjoyable and memorable full day hiking at Cat Ba National Park.

Full day hiking Cat Ba National Park tour

Duration 8 hours
Tour Price: 850,000 VND
Departure from Cat Ba Town
Highlights along the way Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai Village, Frog Pond, May Bau Peak, Ang Phay Peak
Activities Hiking, kayaking, biking


08:00: Daiichi Bus picks up guests from the central hotels in Cat Ba Town to start the full-day hiking tour in Cat Ba National Park.

Route map hiking Cat Ba National Park

08.30: Arrival at Cat Ba National Park, beginning the journey to explore the mystical nature here. The first stop of the journey is Quan Y Cave, formerly a field hospital during the resistance war against the United States, situated deep within the cave.

Quan Y cave, Cat Ba national Park

The guide leads you through the forest trail to Trung Trang Cave. This cave stretches about 300 meters through the forest. Inside the cave is a system of stalactites with various shapes.

Inside Trung Trang Cave stands out with its unique stalactites.

The ecosystem outside Trung Trang Cave is also extremely diverse, being home to many species of animals such as birds, bats, reptiles, and insects.

ecosystem-incredibly-diverse- and-rich.
The ecosystem is incredibly diverse and rich.

10.30: After approximately 1 km of hiking, you will reach the center of Cat Ba National Park. Here, you will encounter an incredibly diverse ecosystem with thousands of different species of flora and fauna. At the heart of the park stands ancient trees that are over a hundred years old.

Centuries-old ancient trees can be found in Cat Ba National Park.

One of the most famous inhabitants of the park is the golden-headed langur, which is unique to Cat Ba National Park. These primates are often seen swinging from cliffs, trees, and ancient trees.

 The golden-headed langur, listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.
The golden-headed langur family  

The Cat Ba National Park tour is truly an ideal experience for those passionate about exploration, research, and discovery of the natural flora and fauna ecosystem.

11.00: Continue the journey towards Frog Pond, passing through points such as Anh Rang Slope, May Bau Peak, and Ang Phay Peak…

Ang Phay Peak

As you venture deeper, you’ll notice significant changes in weather, from cool mist to foggy conditions. The interconnected trails feature diverse terrain, including bamboo forests, towering cliffs, and more.


Frog Pond is considered a remarkable destination within the ecological chain of Cat Ba National Park. Within its confines, you’ll encounter pristine beauty, with clusters of trees emerging from the pond’s depths. Additionally, during the dry season, the pond may recede, revealing a more rugged landscape.


From Frog Pond, follow the mountain slope for about 4 km to reach Viet Hai Village. This stretch requires careful attention due to large, sharp rocks and entwining vines. The road is quite challenging, so everyone needs to be careful and attentive

The road is quite challenging, so everyone needs to be careful and attentive.

As you descend from the high mountains, the village gradually comes into view. Nestled between Lan Ha Bay in the front and Cat Ba National Park in the back, this unique architectural village captivates with its serene beauty.

13.00: Afterward, indulge in a meal at a local’s house, followed by a leisurely bike ride around the village to explore its charming architecture and tranquil surroundings. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to unwind with a soothing foot massage experience.

Biking Viet Hai village

14.30: Daiichi Cruise will pick you up at Viet Hai Port to begin the Lan Ha Bay exploration journey. Here, you will participate in the incredibly fun activity of kayaking and immerse yourself in the clear, cool waters of beautiful Lan Ha Bay.

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
Sunset party 

15.00: On the way back, you will indulge in a sunset party with fruits and drinks prepared by attentive staff.

16.00: Arrive at Cai Beo, where the vehicle and guide will take you back to your hotel. This concludes the full-day hiking tour in Cat Ba National Park.

Note for experiencing a one-day tour in Cat Ba National Park

  • Prepare appropriate attire for a comfortable and safe journey. You should prepare: long hiking shoes, long-sleeved clothing, a hat (to avoid mist and insects).
  • Bring swimwear as you will have the opportunity to swim in Lan Ha Bay.
  • Be sure to bring insect repellent spray because the forest has a damp climate, with many mosquitoes and insects abound.
  • Carry some snacks and sweets to prevent low blood pressure, as the route is quite long and involves a lot of climbing.
  • Follow the guide’s instructions, do not separate from the group, to avoid getting lost as searching in the forest will be difficult.
  • Prepare yourself in good health as you will experience a journey of exploring the pristine forest lasting about 10km of forest path and 5km of village road, crossing 4 mountains.


  • Pick-up and drop-off service
  • Drinking water
  • Lunch at Viet Hai Village
  • 3-star boat tour of Lan Ha Bay
  • Fluent English-speaking guide throughout the journey
  • Entrance fees, sightseeing tickets


  • Drink odered separately
  • Travel insurance
  • Personel expenses & tip


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