Ba Men Temple in Halong Bay

Ba Men Temple, a place of profound spirituality for local fishermen in the bay, stands as a cultural and spiritual hub near Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island. With a history spanning over two centuries, this revered site is a symbol of hope and tranquility for seafarers, seeking protection during their voyages and blessings for a prosperous life.

Ba Men Temple – A Sacred Shrine for Fisherman

Overview of Ba Men Temple:

Situated in Halong Bay, approximately 23km from Tuan Chau Port, the temple holds a captivating tale. Legend has it that a group of nine women on a boat encountered a sudden storm in Halong Bay, leading to the tragic sinking of their vessel. As each woman’s body drifted ashore, local fishermen honored them by establishing small shrines. The eldest woman, Men, washed ashore at Dao Dau Be, leading to the construction of the temple.

The architecture of the Ba Men Temple.

Ba Men Temple – The Spiritual Haven for Local Fishermen:

According to local fishermen and the guardian, Mr. Nguyen Van Mien, the temple has stood for at least 200 years. The temple, initially a thatched shrine near the mountain base, underwent renovations in 1983-1987 and 2005-2006. Built in the shape of the letter “D” (resembling “J”), the temple sits on a 3m high sandy beach, spanning 70m in length and 20m in width, facing a sheltered water area.

The temple serves as a focal point for spiritual activities among fishermen in the Halong – Lan Ha Bay region. During special occasions like the Lunar New Year and monthly rituals, locals gather to express their reverence and gratitude to the deity. The main festival occurs on the 19th and 20th of the Lunar New Year, drawing fishermen to seek blessings and protection for the upcoming year.

Ba Men temple festival

In addition to temple rituals, fishermen organize tug-of-war competitions on the sandy beach and dragon boat races in the waters outside the temple. The victors receive prestigious awards at the temple entrance.

As a tradition, the temple festival attracts a large number of fishermen from the Halong and Cat Ba region to participate.

How to Get There and Associated Costs:

a. Location of Ba Men temple and Transportation:

Ba Men Temple is located approximately 23km from Tuan Chau Port, equating to a 2-hour and 20-minute boat journey. Visitors can access the temple through tour package Tuyen 3, which includes visits to other destinations like Ho Ba Ham, Cua Van Fishing Village, Hang Tien Ong, and Ang Du.

While day tours on Tuyen 3 are limited, groups can arrange private tours for more flexibility, suitable for groups of 20 or more people. However, this approach is cost-effective and involves chartering a boat, with minimum prices starting from 4 million VND, varying depending on the season and boat quality.

b. Cost Overview:

For overnight tours, travel companies typically organize visits to the temple of Ba Men as part of the package. Daiichi Boutique Cruise, for example, offers a 3-day 2-night cruise exploring the temple at a starting price of 4,600,000 VND per person or more.

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